These videos show BarStock in action. They demonstrate how to do the basic tasks of stocktaking with BarStock. If you have any queries or need more help please check out the online help or e-mail

Video One - Data Collection

Data Collection - this shows the basic stock data collection tool which is common to both the PC and Handheld software. It shows:

  • Scanning of Barcodes.
  • Searching for products by name and type.
  • Weighing open bottles.
  • Entering a stock count.
  • Product totals and data collection progress.

Many other tools do not provide any data collection features please see Data Analysis for comparison with their features.

Video Two - Data Analysis Watch Video

Data Analysis - this shows the basic Data Analysis functions.
It shows the viewing and editing of:

  • Stock Data for each product.
  • Financial Results for each product.
  • Financial Summary across product types.
  • Generating Reports and views.
  • Quickly changing product values and stock figures.

It also briefly demonstrates the use of View Options to enable optional features and shows the viewing and editing of:

  • Total Product Sales.
  • Individual Till Readings.
  • Venue Receipts and Wastage Allowances.

For more advanced features such as importing readings direct from Till systems, please Contact Us for our help.

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