Mark, working for a Stocktaking and Accountancy Firm in Dublin, Ireland beats all our current records and has counted more than €40 million worth of stock at retail prices with our BarStock system over the last 9 months.

Read his customer profile and what he says about us below.

Customer Profile


Stocktaking and Accountancy Firm
Dublin, Ireland

BarStock Ultimate

Mark is a professional stocktaker who has been using BarStock nearly every day for the last 9 months. Mark originally found us on the internet and also visited us at the Bar '09 trade show at London's Earls Court. He now supports more than thirty clients with BarStock who he visits every month and has become one of our most prolific users.

Facts & Figures
Use of BarStock Daily
Venues Supported32
Stock Period Duration Monthly
Additional Uses Stock Valuations for Venue Sales & Transfers
Hardware Used Honeywell Dolphin 7600 and Laptop
Software Version BarStock Ultimate
Number of Users 2
Use of BarStock 9 Months
Total Stocktakes 210
Total Stock Readings 95,800
Total Stock Counted 6.2 million items - 3.4 million litres - 740,000 gallons
Value of Stock Counted €14 Million (at cost) - €40 Million (at retail)

What He Says

Using BarStock has halved the time I would normally spend doing a stocktake which means I can visit more clients in one day. It is more difficult to do things wrong or to miscount stock and the way the software presents the data means that I can easily see if I've missed something.
The Data Analysis and Reporting software means that I can show my customers exactly what they want to see without me needing to duel with MS Excel, and I am more confident that it is right. If I manage to break something, GeckoFoot has always been quick to help and I have never had to cancel a client visit yet.

What We Say Mark has really put BarStock through it's paces over the months and has been better at stress-testing the system than we could ever hope to be. With his experience he has suggested improvements and new features which we have now included in the BarStock tool. He has also proved the tool for the Irish market.

Other Testimonials

BarStock does most things you would want. But if it is missing something you need, just ask them and it will probably do it soon!

Ebbw Vale
One of the key features for me is being able to add new products via the handheld without having to go back to my laptop.

The guys helped me get it all working properly and now the software helps me run the hotel bars much better.

BarStock does exactly what it says on the tin. Never will such a small investment save you so much time and money.

BarStock is pure genius! The fact that there isn't anything else quite like is almost as mad as there are still people not using it!


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