What is Stocktaking?

Stocktaking is the physical counting of every item of stock, normally down to the contents of every open container on the premisis.

There is no EPoS or Till system that can tell you how much stock you have, it can only estimate based on sales - so stocktaking will always be required.

There are many commercially available metering mechanisms that can detect and sometimes limit stock use, these can give a more accurate picture of your stock and reduce shrinkage but are still no substitute for stocktaking.

Stock products are normally grouped in a sensible way (e.g. Draft, Bottles, Wine, Juices) so that totals can be calculated for each group and comparisons can be made between products in each group.

When doing a stock check manually - the contents of open bottles (or other containers) is generally estimated to the nearest 10th of a bottle. However be warned that in practice this is generally between 50ml and 250ml out depending on your own skill and the bottle design.

When using Bar-Stock, you can place the bottle on attached USB scales which gives a reading accurate to within a few millilitres.

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